Late May Landscapes

In previous years I have made posts about ‘mid-May landscapes’. Well, in modern parlance ‘I’m running late’, but I couldn’t let May slip by without posting some photographs taken at this wonderful time of year.

Here are some shots from a walk we did last week from Hartington to Beresford Dale. (As some of you know, Beresford is our surname so it’s always a special place to us!)

Hartington village water pump
We are on the right path
The glorious open countryside
Buttercup meadow
Pike Pool
River Dove flowing through Beresford Dale
The ‘Beavers Ford’ which gave us our name!

The walk had given us a good appetite so a visit to the Beresford Tearooms was in order (it would be rude not to give them our custom). One of the specials of the day was this tasty roast vegetable and Hartington cheese flan. When it I was time to pay I was keen to point out my name on the bank card. Although this was met with interest and some good humoured banter, sadly it did not qualify us for a discount!

The tearoom is also the village post office.
Top marks for the meal

Finally, no trip to Hartington is complete without visiting the cheese shop and what an interesting display of names of cheeses – Hartington Bomber, Honey Bee Goat, Barber’s Vintage, Grandma Singleton’s Mature Lancs, and Sticky Toffee Cheddar, to name but a few. We stuck to two firm favourites, Cheshire and Hartington Stilton. Many years ago, Hartington produced over a quarter of the world’s Stilton cheese including Stilton for King George V.

Hartington cheese shop, a cheese lovers dream!
Too many to choose from