In search of snow

We like to have a stock of snow scenes which we use most years for Christmas cards. It involves a little bit of forward planning (too late thinking about it in August!) so three or four years ago, when we knew there was snow in the Peak District and Staffordshire Moorlands, we set off in search of it. With a flask of coffee, snow shovels and travel blankets, just in case, we headed towards Buxton but it was only when we were beyond Leek that we found the much sought-after snow.


stamp 3Greetings from Flash, the highest village in Britain. This was once disputed by a village in Scotland but ordnance survey and the BBC got involved and confirmed that Flash was indeed the highest.  Needless to say, it’s very cold here with a good covering of snow. The sun is shining thus giving us ideal conditions for photographing the snow.  We are not venturing off the main road as the minor roads are not so good. Also staying fairly close to the car. Off to Buxton now for hot food and drinks!

Bempton Cliffs

A holiday on the Yorkshire coast never seems complete without a visit to Bempton Cliffs. The area is particularly popular with bird-watchers and its easy to see why. Choose a fine day though; it can be very windy on the cliff tops. (My ‘minder’ usually reminds me not to get too close to the edge!)bempton-cliffs

stamp 3

An enjoyable walk along the impressive cliffs at Bempton on the yorkshire coast. They run from Flamborough Head north towards Filey and are over 100 metres high at points. Over 250,000 sea birds flock here each year, many to find a mate and raise their young. From April to August the cliffs are alive with nest-building adults or young chicks taking their first faltering flights and from April to July the much-loved puffin makes its home here.