4 thoughts on “Poppies around the village

  1. That’s a nice set of images for remembrance. Thanks for sharing.
    I attended a remembrance service held at a war memorial in a local park. I took some discreet photographs using a telephoto lens and silent camera mode so hopefully didn’t distract or intrude into other peoples experience. Some of the speakers brought home the importance of remembrance and also related it to current wars. It was powerful and poignant. It was my intention to mark today on my blog by posting some of my photographs however WordPress editor won’t load and gives me what I now know to be called the ‘white screen of death’!!! In short I am unable to publish anything and the advice online to remedy it seems to be beyond my skills!
    The experience of being at a remembrance service is more important than the photographs which will hopefully appear at some point in the future.
    Best wishes, Mr C ✨✨📸✨✨

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      1. I’m the same. As I’ve got older it has been more important to be part of remembrance. Shamefully, at school I was not taught about the first or second world wars! Quite why the education authority thought medieval crop rotation was more important than more recent history is any ones guess! Any education about the wars came after I left school through my own interest. One of the reasons I was interested in the memorial arboretum when you posted your images recently.
        It was good today to see quite a few young people with their parents at the remembrance service maybe learning a little and having important conversations.
        Have a great week
        Mr C 👍

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