National Memorial Arboretum image gallery

To conclude this series of Remembrance Week posts from the NMA I offer this gallery of images which hopefully gives an impression of what a special place the arboretum is. (Click on any one to enlarge and then scroll through).

Included are memorials to RAF Squadron 47, The Women’s Land Army, Shot at Dawn which commemorates the 306 soldiers executed for desertion during WW1, the Burma Railway, the Army Apprentices, – just a few of the hundreds of memorials there and far too many to cover within the confines of this blog.

The carving in the chapel of ‘The Storyteller’, depicts Jesus speaking to children in a modern setting, and includes the words ‘The past is the key to the future’. Sir Winston Churchill said it in the following way – “The further backward you look, the further forward you can see.” What a perfect place the arboretum is to learn about the past and reflect upon what the future might hold. Well worth a visit in any season.

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