Collecting conkers – one of life’s simple pleasures

It’s that time of the year when our grandchildren love to spend time in the park or countryside to collect conkers. A walk to our local park usually means going to the far corner, or ‘the den’ and yesterday was no exception. It’s an area under a few trees where the football pitch/cricket field and well cut grass ends, and nature returns. A couple of windy days had resulted in a good supply of conkers – there for the picking. Its almost impossible to leave them on the ground and collecting them can be quite compulsive (even to a 70+ year old!)

Collecting conkers certainly falls within this definition of life’s simple pleasures. “Simple pleasures are experiences that are positive, brief, and usually emerge in everyday settings. Furthermore, they are usually accessible to people at little to no cost”.

8 thoughts on “Collecting conkers – one of life’s simple pleasures

  1. Yes Indeed! I wholeheartedly agree.
    There is something almost magnetic that happens when we see conkers. They are so individually perfect and of course take us back to our childhood. Lots of seasonal memories brought to mind and a reminder of how times have changed. It’s sad that most children no longer play conkers and lots of schools banned the game!!! It means children miss out on the fun and adventure of conkering!
    I share your fondness of conkers and it was a joy to see your blog post. Cheers!
    PS You might remember my bonkers for conkers posts 🙂

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