Golden Fruit, Equine Engineering and a Fifties Flyer

Three more runners and riders in the carousel horse trail.

Heather Horsley’s Golden Fruit is enhanced and almost seems to be ripened by the evening sun outside Burton Town Hall. Heather gives no clues as to the inspiration behind the use of fruit but it is very much in the style she uses in much of her published work and greetings cards.

Not too far away from the town hall is Equine Engineering by Anna Roebuck, and very appropriately outside the Roebuck pub. I wonder if Anna got a free pint for all the hard work and detail put into this creation.

In her own words… ‘Equine Engineering’ draws inspiration from the often uncelebrated industries that grew up alongside brewing. It explores the innerworkings of a mechanical horse via the history of Orton and Spooners fairground constructions, historic metal working firms that created the iconic Ferry and Andresey bridges, as well as equipment to the brewing trade and then on to the present industry and robotics’

A final one to bring this mini series to a close is The Fifties Flyer by David Tunks. David certainly picks up on the Orton and Spooner style and connection with his fairground inspired design. Another horse with the brewing hops and barley symbols. I just find it a little bizarre that one is located at the main gate to the cemetery.

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