Bluebells the movie!

You’ve had the postcard, now see the movie!

Over 30 years ago at our camera club, I always enjoyed the ‘audio visual’ evenings. A guest speaker would arrived armed with two 35mm projectors, carousels of slides and a reel to reel tape recorder. They had a device, often home made and always manually operated, which enabled them to switch from one projector to the other and achieve some magical effects with fades, disolves and ‘third images’ between slides. The images were usually accompanied by some suitable music, commentary or sound effects and these evenings were always popular and well attended.

Similar effects can now be produced from the comfort of ones own home with digital photos and AV software and then shared with a much wider audience. This one is certainly not a Spielberg epic but I hope you will enjoy a few quiet moments with the bluebells.   First time linking to a YouTube video – hope this works!

Link below… (forgot to say turn up the volume)

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