Galanthus Galore

Venturing off the beaten track this afternoon, by taking a walk through the woods at Dimminsdale Nature Reserve, we were rewarded with this wonderful display of snowdrops, or galanthus nivalis.

A little known fact from the Royal College of Physicians…

‘Not only are the white flowers of the snowdrop a sight to behold, its bulb contains the alkaloid galantamine – approved for use in the management of Alzheimer’s disease in over 70 countries worldwide, including the UK. Extract of snowdrop was noted by the ancient Greeks for its powerful mind-altering effect’.

8 thoughts on “Galanthus Galore

  1. I’m going mad. I could have sworn I’d commented and liked this!
    Those snowdrops are gorgeous.
    There is a garden not far from us that belongs to a charity (forgotten which) they have a February theme of snowdrops each year, just lovely to see the ground covered.

    Do you want to hear something funny? After all the praising of technology, the pingbacks have stopped working on my Weekly Prompts site! I think that comes under the category of Sod’s Law. 🙂

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