Trees have personalities

Trees have personalities but firstly – our new postbox. You may like to see where your postcard’s journey starts! Just made the 4pm collection.

I have often driven along the lane where these trees are but as the road is quite narrow I have never stopped the car to take a photo. Now just a 10 minute walk from home, and the winter sun making a welcome appearance this afternoon, there was no excuse.

I was reminded of the words of Eddie Askew…

“Trees have personalities. They’re individuals. Tall or bushy, thick or thin, well-established or struggling, they’re like people, each with its own character. Sometimes as I walk around, I look at people and try to work out what sort of tree they are. Just for fun of course.”

Just to reverse that, can you work out what sort of people this triplet of trees would be as they quietly keep watch over the crops and seasons, year in year out? Just for fun of course.

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