Mid-May landscapes

I first blogged about this expression in 2019 but as it’s that month of the year again I retell the story, this time with a few new photographs, particularly with hawthorn, or May blossom, in full bloom.

Many years ago a colleague told me he would be photographing his ‘mid-May landscapes’ the following week. His birthday was in the middle of May and each year, without fail, he would book the whole week off work. This was partly to celebrate his birthday but mainly to spend some time in the countryside to capture his mid-May landscapes.

I hadn’t heard the expression until I met Ron but I knew when I heard it exactly what he meant. I thought perhaps it was a well-known term used by photographers and artist which had somehow passed me by but Googling the expression doesn’t support that idea. Perhaps it was just an expression Ron had made up, or had once heard and it stuck with him just as it stuck with me and perhaps after today, with you too.

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