Take a seat – With words

“Tell a man that there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he will believe you, but tell him that a park bench has wet paint upon it and he will have to touch it just to make sure”

Here are the words of some bench plaques actually found around the UK, mainly affixed by pranksters, but then again they could be genuine…

‘In memory of Roger Ucklesby who hated this park and everyone in it.’

‘In memory of Rene Lauener (1916 -1993) who liked to sit down.’

‘This bench is dedicated to the men who lost the will to live whilst following their partners around the shoe shops of Chester.’

‘They Could Do With A Bench Here.’

10 thoughts on “Take a seat – With words

  1. I’m really enjoying the focus on benches in your recent posts. You taken some great photos and tapped into an interesting theme. Given where we have been over the last year they have a certain poignancy. I hope you continue to share your bench photographs in the coming year. Best wishes. Keep safe and have a great week. 📸👍

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    1. Thank you very much Mr C. I have enjoyed delving into the archives – didn’t realise I had taken so many photos of benches! I will look out for more this year and perhaps do another series later. I was also surprised how many quotes there were about benches and several of them were perfect for the photos. Lockdown certainly teaches us to be creative when we can’t get out and about so much. Thanks again.

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