Tuesday trees

Surely all photographers and artists like trees? Whatever the season they have so much to offer, from the young leaves and vibrant colours of spring, the fullness of form and structure in the summer, the browns, yellows and golds of autumn or the complex yet graceful skeletal branches in winter.

These photographs were taken a few years ago when a particularly strong hoar frost added yet another aspect to the trees.

“Trees have personalities. They’re individuals. Tall or bushy, thick or thin, well-established or struggling, they’re like people, each with its own character. Sometimes as I walk around, I look at people and try to work out what sort of tree they are. Just for fun of course.”

Eddie Askew, Love is a Wild Bird.

14 thoughts on “Tuesday trees

    1. I didn’t expect people to respond! It prompted me to google ‘if you were a tree, etc.’ and found this… https://act.friendsoftheearth.uk/quiz/which-tree-are-you
      The introduction Peter says ‘Are you a badass beech?’ I don’t usually do these things but it tells me I would be downy birch. Soft on the outside, but tough on the inside ― you’re surprisingly resilient. People underestimate your ability because you might look a bit fuzzy, but you grow stronger than most.

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      1. I have an affinity with beech trees. When on exercise in Germany (army days) we would always choose a beech forest to hide our vehicles in because the ground was always well drained and firm. Good for camping too!

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