A week by the sea – day 7

With all the COVID-19 restrictions in place we have decided that we will not be taking a holiday this year so now is a good time to delve into the archives and organise a virtual tour of a few English coastal resorts. Welcome on board and enjoy the views! We would normally sign off our postcards with the hackneyed ‘Wish you were here’, but at the moment it isn’t appropriate. You may not wish to be ‘here’. If that’s the case, don’t succumb to temptation of travelling when you know it’s much safer to stay at home.

Day seven – Greetings from Fowey, south Cornwall

The town of Fowey stands at the mouth of the river Fowey. It has long been popular with holiday makers, boat enthusiasts, fishermen, artist and writers including Daphne du Maurier.

So our north-east to south-west journey ends, and the good thing about this virtual tour – we don’t have to drive over five hours for the 275+ mile journey home!

Ferryside was the home of writer Daphne du Maurier
Car ferry over the river Fowey

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