Square Saturday

The square format photo is not necessarily the first choice for many photographer but I believe has come back into popularity as the format used in Instagram. There are square postcards, I’ve checked, so why not have a square Saturday.

The West Front, Wells Cathedral.

It’s hard to imagine that construction on the present Cathedral began around 1175 and the magnificent West Front would have been completed sometime after 1230.

3 thoughts on “Square Saturday

  1. Satisfyingly historical Saturday 😉
    The square format serves to compliment the architecture of the cathedral. It looks like a fascinating building. I’ve never visited but I imagine there are plenty of interesting photo opportunities.
    Best wishes

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    1. Yes an interesting cathedral and city (I always have problems describing small places like Wells and Lichfield a city!) I must do a fuller blog sometime. Photo editing software is good for experimenting with cropping formats. ‘Square’ certainly works for many subjects. Have a good weekend – fair bit of rain here though.

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      1. Before WordPress started with the block editor I used to be able to post a little gallery, usually of nine images in a square format which looked really nice and when you clicked on any square thumbnail it took you into the gallery of images revealing their true aspect ratio in landscape or portrait. It was the best of both worlds!
        Mostly I stick with the original format of my images but there are occasions where square can work really well. I think (stupidly) I have a bit of an aversion to square format because of Instagram!
        If you have more pictures of Wells Cathedral it would be nice to see a few on your blog 🙂
        It’s cold here in Sheffield and we even had a flurry of snow for about 20 minutes earlier! Now it is just grey and cold and uninspiring so I’m unlikely to make it out with my camera today.
        Enjoy your weekend and keep safe,
        Mr C

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